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Writer & educator, Jen Hartenburg, offers classes and also consulting services for schools and families with a focus on curricular design, development, and implementation informed by the best of both classical tradition and contemporary research. She currently offers consulting services to help private schools and homeschool families select and design just the right curriculum for each situation. She also offers faculty development services.

A transplant from California to Texas, Jen Hartenburg reads, writes, and plays in the Houston area where she lives with her husband and their two children. Having earned a B.A. in English Literature and a M.A. in Education, Jen enjoys teaching writing and humanities courses to elementary, middle, and highschool students. She began teaching literature and writing in 1997 and helped pilot an interactive online program for highschool students through Biola University beginning in 2000. A homeschool parent/teacher of two, Jen also enjoys hiking, dancing, drinking tea, and listening to the rain. Jen is an Accomplished Instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Her poetry and creative non-fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in literary journals including Rattle: Poets Respond, Weber—The Contemporary West, The Saint Katherine Review, The Other Journal, Dappled Things, and The Christian CenturyYou can find Jen’s CV on LinkedIn.

At An Elegant Word writing camps and classes, students participate in activities aimed to inspire a love of words, sentences, and word-play. With the support of guided group discussion, brainstorming, and critique, students learn to write with appropriate structure while enlivening their prose with stylistic flare. An intensive overview of style elements assists students in developing vivid vocabulary and sophisticated sentence variety.

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English Literature & Composition

Note: This post describes one of four writing classes I’ll be teaching in the 2020-21 school year through Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative. You can read more here about all four classes, spanning grades 4 to 12.

Who: Students entering grades 8–12 in fall 2020

Prerequisites: Prior IEW experience or writing class with Mrs. Hartenburg, or by permission

When: 2:15–3:30 p.m., Fridays, August 14, 2020 to May 14, 2021, with holidays (See Academic Calendar.)

Where: Forty Holy Martyrs Church, Sugar Land, Texas

Highschool students (and advanced eighth-graders) will explore elements of literature and develop beginning skills in literary analysis as they read and write upper-level essays, critiques, fiction, and poetry. More details coming soon!

Supplies Fee: Amount TBD for teacher-purchased supplies including the following:

  • Literature selections and other resources TBD
  • 3-ring notebook binder with tab dividers, course handouts, and reinforced lined notebook paper
  • Composition book
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus—classroom copies to share
  • Classroom colored pencil sets

Families will need to secure the following supplies before the start of class: (Linked brands are suggestions.)

Students must also have a public library card and access to the library as they will be required to secure and read library books and encyclopedia articles as instructed.

Finally, students will need to be able to type, print, and email assignments using a sharable word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

This class will be offered if a minimum of six students is enrolled by June 26, 2020. Full refunds will be made if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment.

See Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative enrollment information for tuition and fee information.

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