2020–21 Writing Classes

Now accepting applications for 20–21 school-year classes! These classes will be offered through Bluebonnet Home Scholars Collaborative. Click on either class link below to find more information.

All Things Fun & Fascinating for 4th–6th grades

Upper-elementary students will participate in activities aimed to inspire a love of words, sentences, and word-play. With the support of guided group discussion, brainstorming, and critique, students will learn to write with appropriate structure while enlivening their prose with stylistic flare. For more information click here.

Basic Reports & Essays for 5th–7th grades

Upper-elementary and middle-school students will gain experience writing from various types of sources, incorporating research, and organizing paragraphs and longer compositions. While the class will incorporate more creative writing projects as well, the focus will be on mastering report and essay forms and following MLA formatting guides while also adding stylistic flare. Students will work toward developing organizational skills and scholarly habits that will aid them in their upper level studies and beyond. For more information click here.

Upper School Essay Writing for 7th–12th grades

Incorporating both report-style and descriptive writing, students will learn the structure and style of various essay formats and will produce original essays including integrated quotations, MLA in-text citations, and a properly formatted “Works Cited” page. In addition to basic report-style essays, students will learn a five-step process for developing a thoughtful thesis statement that interacts with the great conversation of ideas. For more information click here.

English Literature & Composition for 8th–12th grades

Highschool students (and advanced eighth-graders) will explore elements of literature and develop beginning skills in literary analysis as they read and write upper-level essays, critiques, fiction, and poetry. For more information click here.